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Old Landing

In the quaint town of Old Landing, strange things have happened. For instance, how it got its name.  Although it was never proven, most still believe in this tale of a magic airplane. People claim it happened about a hundred years ago. The most common story is the most believable.

One bright, spring morning in 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright were using their engineering talent to create something nobody could ever imagine: a flying machine. They were using the small, Kentucky town because of the large, flat land. They were doing excellent, too. It had taken years, but they had finally finished. They called this magnificent device the Wright Flyer.  All that was left to do was to test it. With much excitement, the brothers walked simultaneously, each putting their right foot first, then the left. They did this often, and occasionally even had the same thoughts.

“I want to test it!” they said in unison, after arriving to the field with the Wright Flyer.

“Go ahead,” Orville, the younger of the two offered.

Wilbur nodded and got closer to the plane. He reached for the familiar lever when he heard a strange, clicking sound. Wilbur removed his hand, and the brothers inspected the plane thoroughly to make sure it was safe. Nothing seemed to be wrong, so he tried again. Suddenly, right before Wilbur started it, the plane took off without a pilot. The brothers did not know what to do. They just stood there in shock. After a few seconds, however, they both got the same thought. Since they owned a bike shop together, they had plenty of bikes available. They ran to the shop, hopped on the handmade, but dependable bicycles, and headed out. They searched thoroughly for the rest of  the day, but found nothing. Eventually, the brothers decided together to give up, and start a new one.

Exactly one year from this odd evening, something even more puzzling happened. In fact, the Wright Brothers were so baffled; even two geniuses like them had no idea what to do at first. While in the same field as the first plane flew away, it happened. A loud, buzzing noise came from overhead. To their surprise, when the Wright Brothers looked in the direction of the sound, they saw a plane! It was about the same size as the Wright Flyer, and the same creamy color. The brothers watched with curiosity as the device landed. Without a word, they ran over and began to inspect it. It was exactly like the Wright Flyer, only better. There were no faults, or even any minor mistakes! It was a lot more modern. There was no one flying this flawless plane, but that wasn’t the strangest part. On the right side, there were the letters ‘WF’ painted in red. This was the same logo on the Wright Flyer! The brothers knew this could no be a coincidence, it had to be theirs.

Everyone the brothers told about this incident told others, who told others. The locals decided to name the town after this odd event. Everyone voted that Old Landing would be a perfect name. To this day, people still go to that spot, hoping something magical will happen.



  1. Mrs. Clinton says:

    Emily, I really like your story. You obviously put a lot of thought into it. (Did you mean to write “the plane took off without a pilot?”) I really like your word choice, too.

  2. Dave Meister says:


    Being a former history teacher, I love the historical reference to the Wright Brothers! The story is well done! Keep writing. It is a skill you will use your entire life!

    Dave Meister
    Paris Cooperative High School
    Paris, IL

  3. Carl says:

    Hi Emily,

    Great story! I will be sharing this one around the campfire on our next camp out and in the pilots lounge too.


    Chicago pilot :)

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