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Reynolds Station

Deep, down in Kentucky, there is a small town called Reynolds Station. With a teeny tiny population of 100, there aren’t too many exciting things happening there, nowadays. It wasn’t always like that, though. Back in 1864, the town was bustling with activity. There was a gigantic train station in the middle of the town. The town was perfectly manicured; ideal houses, obedient and caring townsfolk, and a quaint, little atmosphere. Except for one small problem; a grimy, young, frustrating and crazy besmirchment.

Reynold wasn’t a bad person. He just couldn’t hold down a job and keep a family. Since he couldn’t do these two things, he was an outcast. No one would talk to him or allow him in their homes to stay the night. Reynold, eventually found a home. His home was a bench in the train station. He made the best of his new wretched home. Trains would pass in the dead of night arousing him out of his sleep; local hooligans came and tormented him. Soon, this led him to go insane. Upon going insane, Reynold developed a great fondness for the train station. Whenever a tourist inquired the name of the station, Reynold ran to the person and shouted, “Reynolds Station!!” and as quickly as he was there, he was gone. Reynold was like Flash without the costume; he ran at supersonic speed. Eventually, Reynold’s obsession consumed the whole town. The same thing happened when the name of the town was inquired; Reynold would run up and scream, “Reynolds Station!!” It was as though he had god-like hearing. Now, the townsfolk didn’t know how to comprehend Reynold’s obscene actions. So they shunned him. Soon, they ran Reynold out of town and into the neighboring, ominous forest. With Reynold gone, everything seemed to go back to normal, that is until people started to hear “Reynolds Station!” being wailed when someone asked about the name of the town. This worried the people of the town. They weren’t sure what to do.

That was true until a young, quick-witted man devised an impressive plan to calm Reynold down. He proposed his idea to the townspeople the following night. The people thought it was such a brilliant idea that they put it into action that night. There was much to be done, so they got to work right away. Some embarked into the forest in search of Reynold, while others started to make the signs. The searchers weren’t sure of what they would find. However, when they found Reynold he was still insane but he was more than willing to come back to civilization. Meanwhile, the other townspeople were busy making signs, working so hard that some people’s nail beds started to bleed and their hands blister. When the exhausted searchers and the anxious Reynold emerged from the dark woods, the town had two huge new signs. One sign was in the dead center of town. This sign said, “Reynolds Station. Population 400” in bright, bold letters. The second sign was at the very big train station. Now, this sign was more crudely put together. The letters weren’t as neat; it looked as though they were last minute additions, hastily put on. It read, “Reynolds” above the previous sign, “station.” Reynold looked at the new additions with the big deer-caught-in-headlights eyes, but they were full of amazement. He ran around the town with his mouth agape. It looked like he was going to break down in tears of joy. Through the night, Reynold ran around the town trying to take in all of it. In the morning, Reynold ran to all of the newcomers and dragged them to see the signs. This became a problem; a big one too. But, that is another long, crazy story.

In 1886, Reynold died. He died when a brand new train was coming. He jumped in front of the train; too eager to show his signs. As soon as the train hit him, he died. When everyone figured out what happeded, they went on with their lives. The only reason people know the truth of the town and Reynold is because of Reynold’s best friend, Rufus. Not only was it Rufus, but it was Rufus’s descendents also.



  1. Mrs. Clinton says:

    Megan, I love your story! Your vocabulary is amazing and you really know how to paint a picture with words. I think my favorite phrase is “…working so hard that some people’s nail beds started to bleed and their hands blister. “

  2. Dave Meister says:


    The vocabulary you used in this story is very complex. I even had to look up besmirchment. Poor old Reynold, died trying to show people the signs….how tragic! Good story! Keep up the good work!

    Dave Meister
    Paris Cooperative High School

  3. David Truss says:

    I had to look up besmirchment too! I agree about your great vocabulary. Personally I would have liked a bit more background on Reynold the person and his relation to Reynolds the city… the paragraph jump from one to the other threw me a bit.
    I totally loved the way you built suspense around the plan. I found myself reading faster to get to it, and it was very clever.
    A great story overall, well done Megan!
    ~David Truss, a Principal in Dalian China, currently vacationing in Hanoi Vietnam.

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