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On November 11, Russellville celebrates what they call their Independence Day. It’s the day the town got its name. The story goes, “On November 11, 1645, the King of Kentucky was coming to visit the most beloved town in their history. It is known that all the people that have fought and died for the King of Kentucky have been born and raised there. The king’s name is Russell and he knows that the town does not have a name. He wants to help and show them how grateful he is. King Russell brought his beautiful blue eyed, black haired daughter, Elizabeth, along for the ride.

They got to the town, and noticed all the beautiful things in it. There were tiny brick stores and houses along the streets with blooming, astonishing, shiny ice red roses at each corner. There was what looked like friendly, young children stopping to wave their hat or hand. There were long, rocky driveways that looped along the grass up to the house. There was a huge white three-story house at the end of the town. It was big enough to fit a family of twenty. King Russell noticed the children playing on the front lawn. They seemed to be little girls but they all didn’t have hair. The king was so surprised. He turned so fast that he fell out of the carriage. His daughter was scared that he hurt himself. When she knelt down to see if he was ok, he burst out laughing. Elizabeth was so stunned she gave him a puzzled look. She tried to help him up but the king just said no. He said he wanted to lie in the dirt for awhile.

As nightfall came and the sun set over the horizon, a man with snow white hair and a very plump belly asked what was going on. King Russell got to his feet in slow motion moves. With the help of his daughter he finally got to his feet. He shook the man’s hand and explained who he was. The plump man told the king to hold on a moment, and ran into the house. Soon a handsome man with shoulder length black hair and amazing green eyes came to greet them. The man announced that he was the mayor of the town, and held his hand out to the king. They shook hands and exchanged glances.

After awhile the king asked about the children that were playing on the front lawn this morning. The mayor told the king the children were suffering from a sickness no one could figure out. They also don’t have anyone to take care of them. The king also asked how many children there were. The mayor told the king that there were not many, but too many for anyone who does not have a lot of money. Plus they’re sick, and they need love and care. The king was upset that people would leave their children in their time of need. He wanted to find these people and demand to know what their problem was.
As pitch dark night came they all said their goodbyes. On the ride home to the tiny, tiny hut they were staying in the king mentioned the children only once. Truth was he didn’t like feeling that “pit of the stomach hurt.” The last time he felt that way was when his wife died giving birth to his daughter, Elizabeth. King Russell soon dropped the subject and enjoyed the ride. After they got to their hut King Russell fell into a deep sleep and in it were the sick crying children.

As the pinkish and orange sun started to rise, King Russell awoke with the greatest, most wonderful ideal. He knew that the only way he would be at mercy is if he took the children and gave them the most loving and caring home he could. He told his daughter and she absolutely adored the loving and caring man. She decided to let him take the children. So the king took the children and gave them the happiest, gracious life they could have.

Years later, Elizabeth found that the town, with children going to heaven way too fast, named themselves after her father. She found the town was now named Russellville. It gave her the most caring, and loving feeling she has ever had. The town has had the name Russellville for more than 100 years. To this day it is still the same. That is the story of Russellville’s Independence Day.


  1. Angela says:


    That was a very good story. It ended differently than I thought it was going to end. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more of your stories.

    Myrtle Beach, SC

  2. casey judson says:

    i loved it lil sister

  3. Anthony Judson says:

    That was very good!! I liked it!!

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