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The best sport I play was soccer because you can kick the ball into the net.  My other reason is you might be able to wear your very own jersey while you play. I really want my very own jersey because then I will feel like I’m part of a team.

My first reason why I like soccer is when you play soccer one team wins and the other team loses.  My first example is soccer is not about winning or losing it’s about having fun. If you win the game in soccer you shouldn’t jump up in the air and say, “I won! You lost! ha ha ha ha!” Instead you should say, “That was a good game. Congratulations.”

When you play soccer you can learn some moves with your soccer ball. All you have to do is throw the ball in the air wait for it to bounce on the floor 3 times and put your foot under the ball and the ball should come right in your hands if you do it right.

Well I listed all of my reasons why soccer is my favorite sport. It is because you can win or lose and I like soccer because you can wear jerseys. Those are the reasons why I like soccer so much.


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