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Basketball Is the Best

            My only favorite sport is basketball. I like basketball because my ball movement is good enough to be a point guard or a small forward. That’s one reason why I like basketball. The other reason why I like basketball is that I shoot like LeBron James and we have the same form. I also know how to shoot well.

I have the same ball movement as Dawane Wade. I also see his ball movement highlight tapes so I can be a point guard like him. I’m really good at flashy passes to be a point guard. I also look at LeBron James highlights to. That’s one reasons why I look at highlights and flashy passes and my ball movement.

I also know how to shoot just like LeBron James. I have the same form as him. I shoot well to. He is my favorite basketball player and Dawane Wade. That’s all my reasons why I shoot like Lebron James.

I look up to LeBron James and Dawane Wade. As NBA players because I watch there highlights. I also have the same ball movement like Dawane Wade. I love his highlight tapes. I also have the same form as LeBron James.           



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  1. Jim says:

    You have picked two outstanding basketball players to model yourself as a basketball player. Beside practicing to make the team you also have to have good grades in high school and college to make to the pro’s. So make sure you keep on your school work and basketball practice.

    Port Huron, MI

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