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My Favorite Sport

            My only favorite sport is basketball. I like basketball because my ball movement is good enough to be a point guard or a small forward. That’s one reason why I like basketball. The other reason why I like basketball is that I shoot like LeBron James and we have the same form. I also know how to shoot well.

I have the same ball movement as Dawane Wade. I also see his ball movement highlight tapes so I can be a point guard like him. I’m really good at flashy passes to be a point guard. I also look at LeBron James highlights to. That’s one reasons why I look at highlights and flashy passes and my ball movement.

I also know how to shoot just like LeBron James. I have the same form as him. I shoot well to. He is my favorite basketball player and Dawane Wade. That’s all my reasons why I shoot like Lebron James.

I look up to LeBron James and Dawane Wade. As NBA players because I watch there highlights. I also have the same ball movement like Dawane Wade. I love his highlight tapes. I also have the same form as LeBron James.           



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