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Basketball has been around for a long time. Basketball is a team sport. So I myself like basketball. It is challenging and you get strong and healthy which helps you focus.

            Basketball is challenging because you have to remember plays. Remembering plays can be challenging because if you don’t remember the plays you can get really confused and so can the team. Then next thing you know the coach is all confused and that is not good. You have to focus to stay in the game. The game of basketball can be easy and challenging at the same time. However if you don’t focus you will end up getting lose.

            The reason you want to be strong and healthy is because it will help you focus. If you’re not focused you can cause a lot of turnovers. Also the reason why I said it takes a lot of strength and good health is because if you’re not strong and healthy you won’t be able to shoot. You will miss every shot you take and you will get pushed and bumped up and down the court.

            So if you don’t like basketball you should at least try to play. It does not matter if you hate or are not very good at it. Get some friends together to play with you and have fun. I bet you and your friends will have a lot of fun. Basketball is an amazing sport. It takes a lot of effort, motivation, strength, good health, and focus.



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  1. Jim says:

    A very nice essay. Basketball is a lot of fun. It sounds like you play a lot. If you want to be on the school team you will have to work as hard on your school work as you do on basketball.

    Port Huron, MI

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