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The Legend of Stanville

Grazing across the unattractive plains

Reminds you of the old cowboy days.

Stretching across the nuclear skies.

Down below traced straight to my eyes,

Oddly enough there’s nowhere to sit.

Townspeople all bunched in with no fit.

Tired children always are crying

As the old woman in the back is nearly dying.

Sweating away in this humid town

Where no bed nor a/c is ever found.

Inside the house of an ordinary man,

He sits on the floor with no ceiling fan.

Here he’ll tell you what you’ll soon discover.

How Stanville came to be unlike any other.

My name is Stan. This is my town.

It’s extremely hot and we sit on the ground.

Come let me tell you how Stanville was found.

When I came here I saw nothing but gravel.

Pretty soon all of my thoughts started to unravel.

I made brick houses with everything needed.

Once I was done, I felt so conceited.

Then all of a sudden it came to my head.

I forgot to install an a/c or bunk beds.

I tried so hard to find a cheap place to sit.

I guess me being cheap didn’t help me one bit.

As the months passed, cheap chairs didn’t last.

All were satisfied until one day they cried.


The years flew and the trees never grew.

Sitting on the floor became a rule.

Everyone in town thought Stan was a fool.

This is the legend of my poor town.

Of which sometimes I wish was never found.

But yet I’ve learned to cope with the bill.

And the boring rules of the old STANVILLE.



  1. Pete says:

    Interesting that you decided to write a poem and everyone else wrote in paragraph form. it shows some original thinking. I don’t think I could live in Stanville. I would have to “stand” too much.


  2. Mrs. Clinton says:

    What a clever way to tell the story!

  3. Brian says:

    I can certainly relate to the heat. Down here in New Orleans, we live in a constant state of heat and humidity. I remember after Hurricane Katrina sitting around waiting for power to come back so we would have our AC and fans again. Unfortunately, many in this area are still going day after day in the heat.

  4. Mike Schichtel says:

    Very good!

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