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Bike Riding

Everyone has a favorite sport, including you. Even if you think you`re not good at sports, you still have a favorite. Oh, and believe it or not, a lot of things you might be good at (or better than others), are sports, such as swimming, karate, gymnastics, and even cheerleading. So, as I was saying, everyone has a favorite sport and mine is bike riding because it is relaxing and fun. So, read on to find out more.

            One reason why I enjoy bike riding so much is because it helps me relax. Have you ever tried as hard as you can to concentrate, but you just keep getting distracted? Well, when I go for a bike, it is an easy way for me to be able to focus and have peace and quiet. Another reason why being relaxed is really important to me when it comes to bike riding is because being relaxed helps me stay calm. Now, I know that for most people when they ride a bike for a long time they start to get tired or uncomfortable, but for me it is the complete opposite.

            My other, and last reason why bike riding is my favorite sport is because personally I think it is a lot of fun, and by fun I mean when I get home from a long bike ride, I don`t want to get off of my bike and go inside. That`s how much I like to ride my bike. Also, by fun I mean when you are sitting in your house bored out of your mind, a way for me to find something to do, or “cure boredom”, is to go on a bike ride.

            So, think again when you say you don’t have a favorite sport. Like I said, something you could be good at and that you like could be a sport. My favorite sport is bike riding because I think it is relaxing and fun. I hope that you will practice so you can be good at sports, too.





  1. Jim says:


    I think you did a great job explaining why you like bike riding. It is very relaxing and takes your mind off every day things. I know when I ride it gives me time to think and relax.

    One other thing you said that I agree with is that it “cures” being bored. You always see something or people that are new to you or old friends.

    Keep riding and hopefully we will have some warmer weather to make riding even better.

    Port Huron, MI

  2. Nate says:

    Hailey, you’ve explained beautifully the reasons I bike to work every day that it isn’t raining. I always get to the office relaxed with a clear head.

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