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How to Explain Christmas

Christmas is finally here! Everyone is excited! Are you? I put up a Christmas tree every year. I guarantee you I spend time with my family too. On Christmas I also have my traditions.

Christmas trees look like a pine cone tree. When you put a Christmas tree up you can put up ornaments. I put up ornaments on my tree because every single ornament has a special story behind it or an astonishing moment. My family and I do not put up a Christmas tree just to make it look beautiful. My mom buys us a lot of presents and puts them under our tree so when we wake up we can be happy that we have presents and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Family is special to people. Families get together to share a delicious meal and to visit with each other. On Christmas families get together and have a great dinner. I have ham, green beans, sweet potatoes, fluffy dinner rolls and even a nice chef’s salad. For dessert we either have pumpkin pie or raspberry pie and my favorite of them all is blueberry cheesecake!

Since my family is busy on Christmas we have our special tradition on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas. Everybody who celebrates Christmas has to have a tradition. My tradition is to go to my Aunt Maureen’s house. The reason why is because her house is cozy and brings back good memories. Another tradition of ours is to buy something like house decorations or even a Bath and Body basket or even a cooking set with pots, pans, silver wear and a cooking book in it. Then we put it under my Aunt Maureen’s Christmas tree. After that ever body gets a turn to pick a present.

Hopefully you know what Christmas is and what people do on Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas then you should try celebrating Christmas soon. Merry Christmas!


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