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Explaining Christmas

       Have you ever celebrated Christmas? Let me guess, yes! Well, if you haven`t, I`m going to tell you what Christmas means to me! It means eating dinner and opening presents. Do you want to hear more? Keep reading!                   

     First, I am going to tell you about eating dinner. For one, eating dinner makes the holiday even more special because I get to eat all of my favorite foods. I get to eat all of my favorite foods like turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberries, chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, pies, cake, cheese, and crackers. Yum! Another reason dinner is special is because I get to eat it all with my family. Spending my Christmas at my Grandma`s house with my family is all I could ever ask for around Christmas time besides all the toys and clothes. Moving on, because now I`m getting hungry.                                     

     Lastly, I will explain the opening presents part. I love to open presents because it is fun and my sisters and I finally have a chance to rip something open without someone yelling at us. We can have something to do Christmas morning and something to do the rest of the break. I just love opening presents! Who doesn`t!                                                                                                                                                               So, Unfortunately I have to end the story, but at least I can still write this paragraph! I told you that for Christmas I have a special dinner and I open presents. I hope you celebrate Christmas in your own unique way!         



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