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Mississippi Trial, 1955

            I thought this book was amazing. I thought everything about this book was amazing; the historical parts and even the parts with the made-up characters, I thought it was a nice touch that Chris Crowe added. I would say my favorite part of the book was when Hiram and his Grandpa were in the courthouse and they were there for the trial of Bryant and Milam. At first I thought R.C. killed Emmett since told Hiram that he, Bryant and Milam were going up to Money to teach Emmett a lesson. But when I started reading the book even more they brought in Milam and Bryant and I knew these two for sure killed Emmett. The evidence people shared sounds like they killed Emmett. I mean seriously why can’t they just tell the truth and then they get locked up and then call it a day. They didn’t even get locked up for kidnapping. I think grandpa Hillburn had a say in this mess even know this was not a real character. It’s pretty obvious that Hiram’s grandpa gave Milam and Bryant his truck.

      I felt so bad for Hiram because all he wanted to do was spend time with grandma and his grandpa. But no, something bad had to happen when his grandma died. That made me feel really sad and I felt bad for Hiram’s family and friends because I know how it feels to lose some one that you really love. Then he had to deal with this big trial case and he didn’t even have to testify in it, which didn’t make any sense. I’m glad that he didn’t talk. He only promised Naomi because he had a crush on her, obviously. I am kind of happy that he didn’t tell the information because he didn’t know if it was the truth. Plus the only people he could really trust at the end of the story were Naomi, Mr. Paul, and Ruthane.

Naomi was just trying to look out for her brother and her dad. That’s why she didn’t want Hiram to tell the court about R.C. Well, we know R.C. didn’t even do anything. To tell you the truth, I thought it was so cute to read about Hiram and Naomi together. I was about to cry when Hiram had to leave to go back home and he left Naomi there. He should have bought a ticket for her real quick and they could have gone back to Arizona together. I thought Mr. Paul was an awesome guy. I liked when he would help Hiram out with any problems he had and he would make everything better for Hiram. Basically, Mr. Paul could turn Hiram’s day upside down and make him really happy.

I wish I had a cook like Ruthane because she sounds like a good cook. She always made food for Hiram until he was stuffed. She also would make food for Hiram’s grandpa. Hiram and Ruthanne would talk time to time.

I am glad R.C. finally grew up. I’m happy for him, now that he has a job. None of these characters are real so they couldn’t have done anything since they are made up so that would mean R.C. didn’t do anything.

         I feel so bad that our society was so racist and prejudiced because if people were not like that, this wouldn’t have happened. Emmett Till would be alive and he wouldn’t have any problems now that racism and all that junk is over with for the most part. I’m sure everybody thinks the same way I do about Emmett Till; well not the people that are still racist. Emmett Louis Till was very young and he shouldn’t have been killed no matter what.  Just because he whistled at a white woman doesn’t mean anything. Now if he killed someone you knew, then you should have brought that up with the judge. But since that didn’t happen he shouldn’t have been killed. I just felt so bad for the family, especially Emmett’s mother. She had to go through all that mess and then she found out they are not guilty. That’s so cruel, rude, and disrespectful; I could go on and on.


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