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How to Explain Christmas

Christmas is finally here! Everyone is excited! Are you? I put up a Christmas tree every year. I guarantee you I spend time with my family too. On Christmas I also have my traditions.

Christmas trees look like a pine cone tree. When you put a Christmas tree up you can put up ornaments. I put up ornaments on my tree because every single ornament has a special story behind it or an astonishing moment. My family and I do not put up a Christmas tree just to make it look beautiful. My mom buys us a lot of presents and puts them under our tree so when we wake up we can be happy that we have presents and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Family is special to people. Families get together to share a delicious meal and to visit with each other. On Christmas families get together and have a great dinner. I have ham, green beans, sweet potatoes, fluffy dinner rolls and even a nice chef’s salad. For dessert we either have pumpkin pie or raspberry pie and my favorite of them all is blueberry cheesecake!

Since my family is busy on Christmas we have our special tradition on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas. Everybody who celebrates Christmas has to have a tradition. My tradition is to go to my Aunt Maureen’s house. The reason why is because her house is cozy and brings back good memories. Another tradition of ours is to buy something like house decorations or even a Bath and Body basket or even a cooking set with pots, pans, silver wear and a cooking book in it. Then we put it under my Aunt Maureen’s Christmas tree. After that ever body gets a turn to pick a present.

Hopefully you know what Christmas is and what people do on Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas then you should try celebrating Christmas soon. Merry Christmas!


Explaining Christmas

       Have you ever celebrated Christmas? Let me guess, yes! Well, if you haven`t, I`m going to tell you what Christmas means to me! It means eating dinner and opening presents. Do you want to hear more? Keep reading!                   

     First, I am going to tell you about eating dinner. For one, eating dinner makes the holiday even more special because I get to eat all of my favorite foods. I get to eat all of my favorite foods like turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberries, chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, pies, cake, cheese, and crackers. Yum! Another reason dinner is special is because I get to eat it all with my family. Spending my Christmas at my Grandma`s house with my family is all I could ever ask for around Christmas time besides all the toys and clothes. Moving on, because now I`m getting hungry.                                     

     Lastly, I will explain the opening presents part. I love to open presents because it is fun and my sisters and I finally have a chance to rip something open without someone yelling at us. We can have something to do Christmas morning and something to do the rest of the break. I just love opening presents! Who doesn`t!                                                                                                                                                               So, Unfortunately I have to end the story, but at least I can still write this paragraph! I told you that for Christmas I have a special dinner and I open presents. I hope you celebrate Christmas in your own unique way!         



This Is What Christmas Is To Me

Christmas is about presents, cookies, and hot chocolate. Presents are from Santa Clause or your family. Cookies are for Santa Clause and to go good with the cookies is milk. Hot chocolate is for when you come inside and it warms you up from the freezing cold. All those things are only half of what Christmas is about.

            Presents are from Santa Clause or your family. The presents can be filled with toys, games, and loads of stuff, except money or cash. If you’re bad, you don’t get any toys. All you get is coal, coal, coal! Stockings full of coal, presents full of coal, even bags full of coal. If you’re good, you don’t get coal, but you get what you want.

            Cookies are for Santa Clause to eat. There are pictures on them, like trees, reindeers, and Santa Clause heads. You can get chocolate milk or white milk to give to Santa. You can even give him eggnog.

            Hot chocolate is the best in the winter. You can get warmed up and you can get the sweet sensation of chocolate. Also, you can get your house cold by accident and drink hot chocolate to stay warm.. You can get your fingers numb from the cold snow and drink hot cocoa to make your fingers better. Also, it is a treat.

             This is what Christmas is about. It’s about presents, cookies, and hot chocolate.




My Favorite Day – Friday

“Woo!” It`s finally here. My favorite day! It`s Friday! My favorite day is Friday because I get to stay up late and spend five hours watching TV. Listen to find more.

Friday is awesome because I get to stay up late. I like to stay up late because I can do what I want. Once, my sister and I did makeovers and listened to music at 9:00 at night. I also like staying up late because I can choose the time I go to sleep. I can go to bed at midnight if I like. I love staying up late.

Last but not least, it`s five hours of TV. One reason I like my five hours of nonstop TV is because I can be comfortable for SO LONG. I can put on some comfy clothes and sit on the couch with some hot soup. Also, I like my five hours of TV  because I get to watch my favorite shows. They are five one-hour long shows. Those shows are The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, two episodes of  XFactor, and  Bones.

So, remember that my favorite day of the week is Friday and remember that I like Friday because I get to stay up late I and I get five hours of TV. I hope you have a favorite day too.

My Favorite Day – Sunday

Every person I basically know has a favorite day of the week.  Some people don`t.  I`m one of those people who does have a favorite day of the week. My favorite day of the week is Sunday!

There are all kinds of reasons why I like Sunday the most. A lot of people do different things. Some people do chores and other people may go to church. Knowing that people do those things I do something totally different. I hang out with my dad. We go out to eat breakfast every Sunday. We go to the Pancake Pantry. We try to get there before 9:30. The reason is that if we don`t we will have to wait a half hour. When we are there we find our seats and order. They have all sorts of pancakes! They have Germen pancakes with lemon and white powder. They even have apple syrup pancakes, and banana nut surprise, and regular buttermade pancakes.

My  dad and I also spend time together by going bike riding to get some fresh air. One of the times we went bike riding we started from Bloomer Park and rode 25 miles through the park.

Sunday is also my favorite day of the week because the next day is Monday. On Monday I great to see my teachers! On Monday we do dictionary definitions. There are many reasons why Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Sunday will always be my favorite day of the week!

My Favorite Day – Wednesday

I always look forward to Wednesday. Some people might think I’m crazy for liking it but I have my reasons. One of the reasons I like Wednesdays is because I have Glee Club. Glee club is special because it’s the only time I can sing without people getting annoyed with me. I also go to church practice on Wednesday with my dad and sister.

On Wednesday nights my dad and I go to church practice. On the way to church practice we always go to Tim Horten’s for some Timbits. My sister and I always eat the chocolate ones! When we get to church and go inside, I get out my my dad’s tablet to relax while he plays drums for the band. Church practice usually lasts two hours, but it all pays off because after I get home I get to go to sleep.

After school gets off on Wednesdays, I go down to the security desk to go to Glee Club.  Glee Club is fun because it’s the only time I can sing without annoying other kids. It’s also fun because it’s a team experience and sometimes the boys sing different parts then the girls. Usually my dad picks me up, but sometimes I walk home from Glee Club at five. The sunset is always breathtaking because we never get to see it at home.

Some people might think I’m crazy for liking Wednesday, but I like it for my own stuff. Like Glee Club and church practice. Glee Club is fun because you get to sing and church practice just lets you relax. And that’s why I like Wednesday.

A New Chapter

After spending my whole teaching career with 8th graders, I am now teaching 4th graders. Goodness, they are little! However, my goal is the same and that is to motivate my students to want to write and to enjoy writing. This year will begin to master “opinion” writing and the writing process. I will post some of my students’ writing and in doing so, hopefully they will be motivated to want to write.

Mississippi Trial, 1955

            The book Mississippi Trial, 1955 was a very good, but cruel book. I was very mad about some of the things said and done. Some examples of things that made me mad were when African Americans were called the “N” word, and when people would tell them rude things just because they were African American. Also some actions that made me mad were when R.C. Rydell put fish guts in Emmett’s mouth and when the subject of R.C.’s father beating him and Naomi, and the whole Emmett Till murder. Almost anything that has to do with Emmett made me mad because almost every time he was mentioned something bad was either happening to him or about to happen to him. I don’t understand why someone would murder someone for such a minor offense.  I do not know what kind of person would take things that far. The part about Emmett that irritates me the most is that he didn’t know any better not to treat white women just like African Americans. He was raised in Chicago where everyone was equal and it didn’t matter if you were black or white. The men willingly murdered Emmett knowing that he was from the north and didn’t know how segregated people were down in the Delta. Also the men who murdered Emmett got away with it because of the ignorant ways of the south. In my opinion, Milam and Bryant  should have spent the rest of their lives in jail or maybe even get lynched themselves for what they did. The ways of the south were cruel and unnecessary.

            Over all I thought the book was very good. Even though there were a lot of things that made me mad or irritated me, the book was very well written and had a lot of interesting things that taught us about the south. There were a lot of informative parts of the book. The factual parts were the cruel ones, but they were very interesting. The cruel parts make you think a lot and encourages you want to keep reading. Mississippi Trial, 1955 is one of the very few books that actually drew me into the story. Those are my opinions on the book.  


Mississippi Trial, 1955

            I thought this book was amazing. I thought everything about this book was amazing; the historical parts and even the parts with the made-up characters, I thought it was a nice touch that Chris Crowe added. I would say my favorite part of the book was when Hiram and his Grandpa were in the courthouse and they were there for the trial of Bryant and Milam. At first I thought R.C. killed Emmett since told Hiram that he, Bryant and Milam were going up to Money to teach Emmett a lesson. But when I started reading the book even more they brought in Milam and Bryant and I knew these two for sure killed Emmett. The evidence people shared sounds like they killed Emmett. I mean seriously why can’t they just tell the truth and then they get locked up and then call it a day. They didn’t even get locked up for kidnapping. I think grandpa Hillburn had a say in this mess even know this was not a real character. It’s pretty obvious that Hiram’s grandpa gave Milam and Bryant his truck.

      I felt so bad for Hiram because all he wanted to do was spend time with grandma and his grandpa. But no, something bad had to happen when his grandma died. That made me feel really sad and I felt bad for Hiram’s family and friends because I know how it feels to lose some one that you really love. Then he had to deal with this big trial case and he didn’t even have to testify in it, which didn’t make any sense. I’m glad that he didn’t talk. He only promised Naomi because he had a crush on her, obviously. I am kind of happy that he didn’t tell the information because he didn’t know if it was the truth. Plus the only people he could really trust at the end of the story were Naomi, Mr. Paul, and Ruthane.

Naomi was just trying to look out for her brother and her dad. That’s why she didn’t want Hiram to tell the court about R.C. Well, we know R.C. didn’t even do anything. To tell you the truth, I thought it was so cute to read about Hiram and Naomi together. I was about to cry when Hiram had to leave to go back home and he left Naomi there. He should have bought a ticket for her real quick and they could have gone back to Arizona together. I thought Mr. Paul was an awesome guy. I liked when he would help Hiram out with any problems he had and he would make everything better for Hiram. Basically, Mr. Paul could turn Hiram’s day upside down and make him really happy.

I wish I had a cook like Ruthane because she sounds like a good cook. She always made food for Hiram until he was stuffed. She also would make food for Hiram’s grandpa. Hiram and Ruthanne would talk time to time.

I am glad R.C. finally grew up. I’m happy for him, now that he has a job. None of these characters are real so they couldn’t have done anything since they are made up so that would mean R.C. didn’t do anything.

         I feel so bad that our society was so racist and prejudiced because if people were not like that, this wouldn’t have happened. Emmett Till would be alive and he wouldn’t have any problems now that racism and all that junk is over with for the most part. I’m sure everybody thinks the same way I do about Emmett Till; well not the people that are still racist. Emmett Louis Till was very young and he shouldn’t have been killed no matter what.  Just because he whistled at a white woman doesn’t mean anything. Now if he killed someone you knew, then you should have brought that up with the judge. But since that didn’t happen he shouldn’t have been killed. I just felt so bad for the family, especially Emmett’s mother. She had to go through all that mess and then she found out they are not guilty. That’s so cruel, rude, and disrespectful; I could go on and on.


Mississippi Trial, 1955

            I think the book was very well written. I enjoyed it and how it explained the lives of people in Mississippi. I think that the language in the south was very vulgar and prejudice. My thought on the “N” word is that maybe it was used too frequently. I wish that everyone would’ve been treated equally in the south. Everyone should’ve gotten equal respect. If everyone in the south had the attitude like Hiram did, the south would have been a whole lot better. They mostly acted like R.C. 

Chris Crowe did a very good job on the book. It was very well written and very creative. The way he wrote the characters was very interesting and fun. The only characters I had a little trouble liking were R.C., R.C.’s dad, and Hiram’s grandpa. Other than that, everything in the book was pretty good to me. Since this book is based on true events of the murder of Emmett
Till, I was a little sad Emmett was brutally murdered. There was no reason to do all that just because he whistled at a white woman. I thought that maybe he should’ve got a stern talking to and to be escorted out of Mississippi since he didn’t know the rules in Mississippi. I don’t think that Milam and Bryant should have done that much to a 14 year old boy that didn’t know any better. I think that was just terrible that such a young boy was so brutally murdered and he was an only child, so his mother lost her only son. I just think it was wrong.

If it were up to me, I would not use the “N” word so much in the book. Other than that, the book was pretty well-written and crafted. I liked how Hiram, even though he was born and raised in southern Mississippi, felt equal to everyone around him. If I lived in the south in the 1950’s, personally, I’d have a rough time. I would have lost my mind from the “N” word being used so profusely, all the racism, and all the prejudiced people there.

I thought that it was very rough in the south at the time of 1955, and I liked how Chris Crowe made that an image in my mind by being so descriptive in the book. I liked how it showed that most of the white people in the south were very racist and prejudice. Chris Crowe really described that and I liked the book a lot. If I had to rate the book from 1-10. I’d give it a solid 8. The book was very descriptive. I liked how I had images of what Chris Crowe was writing. It really helped me out to have an image in my head of the events that were taking place. I really had a fun time reading it. If someone wanted to read about black history or even to just read a good book, I would definitely persuade someone to read this book.